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Customink American Apparel Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie


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Customink American Apparel Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie

Product Information

Impress your group with this American Apparel Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie that has a cult following. It’s a versatile midweight layer with a stylish retro look, perfect for your next event.

Made from a polyester / cotton blend fabric, these American Apparel Flex Fleece Zip Hoodies are extremely comfortable. They have a slim fit, like the hoodie’s hugging you, and an ultra-soft interior. (Speaking of the fit, look at our Sizing Line-Up? before you place your order to make sure you’re getting the appropriate sizes.)

This is one of those hoodies where you’ll have to order extras because they will keep getting swiped by friends and family. People just can’t help themselves. So plan a little overage.

Beyond the soft feel, the color selection is another amazing quality of this hooded sweatshirt. These come in over two dozen different colors and color combinations. Where else are you going to find menthe or tang?

That amazing color selection makes them a great choice if they match your wedding colors. Get them for the bridal party and take a fun photo of everybody in their matching hoodies at the rehearsal. Or if you’re hosting an outdoor reception, go all out and spring for these as wedding favors for your guests. Ensure they’re comfy despite their formal wear so they have more fun.

These are perfect over a simple t-shirt for fall and spring events, whether that’s an annual visit to the pumpkin patch or a trip to see the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. Make your family vacation even more memorable by customizing hoodies that’ll keep them cozy during the journey and let the memories warm them later.

These hooded sweatshirts are also great for the beach in the summer after the sun goes down, the firepit with some wine and a guitar, or the desert in the cool of the night gazing up at the stars.


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