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Customink American Apparel Ringer T-shirt


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Customink American Apparel Ringer T-shirt

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Soft cotton fabric combined with fun contrasting colors will make this trendy American Apparel Ringer T?shirt a winner at your group’s next event. These American Apparel Ringer T?shirts are the perfect throwback athletic basics. They’re made from lightweight cotton jersey, so they’re soft and durable.

These feature a modern silhouette. They’re slightly more fitted than a traditional tee and also a bit longer. Check out how they look on actual humans at the Sizing Line-Up? link before you select your size. Since these are available in more than half a dozen color combinations, one of them could be your school colors. These are a fun twist on a school spirit shirt that all your high school students will love.

These retro classics are the perfect class reunion shirt for students who graduated in the ’70s and ’80s. Just upload the school mascot or crest to create vintage-looking tees for all your attendees. These also work well as party favors for 40th and 50th birthday celebrations. If you get these to everyone ahead of time, they can wear them to the surprise party for maximum effect.

If you have a coed rec softball or kickball team that’s made up of people who were kids in the ’80s, these are great team shirts. Likewise, you could get them for your company bowling league.

These are perfect for summer camps, especially if the camp existed back in the ’70s and ’80s. Create a throwback design for all the counselors or hand these out to all your campers to celebrate your time together.

If your bachelor party or bachelorette party could use fun t-shirts for your adventures, customize some of these. Used as faux jerseys, they also make good shirts for the bridal party as a thank you for their assistance. And a shot of everybody together in these is a keeper.


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