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Customink Bayside USA-Made Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie


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Customink Bayside USA-Made Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie

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This classic Bayside Heavyweight USA Pullover Hoodie is a perfect fit for your group. It’s a great choice that everyone can feel good about both mentally and physically at your next event.

Available in half a dozen colors, these Bayside Heavyweight USA Pullover Hoodies will be with you through thick and thin (but mostly thick). They’re a 9.5 ounce blend of cotton and polyester, very heavy on the cotton. That makes them super soft, thick, and almost infinitely durable.

They feature a double-lined hood for even more warmth. And they’re made in the USA! If a hooded sweatshirt can be “rugged,” this one is. Invest in it once. It will keep you warm for years. That makes it a good choice for groups who have a membership that sticks around. Buy these now; ask your team to wear them to an event years down the road.

That durability also makes these hoodies great uniforms for businesses whose employees need cold-weather gear but are are hard on clothing. Upload your company logo and create a new layer for working in cold weather. These are great for snow plow drivers, construction workers, firefighters, tow truck drivers, mechanics, and police officers, not to mention plumbers who have to work on burst pipes, both cold and wet. This hoodie will be a welcome thick and warm addition to their wardrobe.

Add your school mascot or league team logo to customize these as spirit wear. These are great for coaches and assistants on the sideline, fans on the metal bleachers in the fall, plus teachers, staff, and students. Kids who walk to school and those in older buildings that take a bit to warm up will appreciate these on early mornings.

Or get these for your dedicated staff and volunteers at holiday events, such as choral performances, dance showcases, or piano recitals. You can sell them at the concession stand at intermission, too, to raise funds for next year’s shows.


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