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Customink Bayside USA Union-Made Cotton T-shirt


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Customink Bayside USA Union-Made Cotton T-shirt

Product Information

Classic is always in style thanks to this durable Bayside Union Made 100% Cotton USA T?shirt. This quality tee is perfect for those groups who want to support their fellow American workers at their next event.

Available in more than half a dozen colors, these Bayside Union Made 100% Cotton USA T?shirts are a simple rugged option. If you’re looking for a basic tee that is USA-made, these Bayside shirts are a great option, crafted by Union Teamsters in Brea, California.

At 6.1 ounces, these are solid, thick tees. They can handle whatever you throw at them. If you’re familiar with the Hanes Beefy-T, these are the same weight fabric.

Because the solid colors of these shirts are made from 100% natural fibers, they’re perfect for protecting firefighters who are part of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and electricians who are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). And, of course, they’re good for keeping volunteer firefighters and non-member electricians safe, too.

They’re great for United Way fundraisers since UW is a strong labor movement supporter. Whether it’s a workplace campaign, a community BBQ, or bingo night, give away customized t-shirts to encourage participation.

And their made-in-the-USA guarantee makes these perfect for events supporting veterans and the military. Get shirts for your staff, plus use them as a giveaway for your 5K run, the charity golf classic, or your fundraising pancake breakfast. They’re great for the whole family at the Independence Day parade or the airshow. And if members of your family served, they make a great family reunion t-shirt, too.


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