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Customink Bella Canvas Long Sleeve Jersey T-shirt


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Customink Bella Canvas Long Sleeve Jersey T-shirt

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Your group is sure to love this soft Bella + Canvas Long Sleeve Jersey T?shirt, perfect for events during the colder months of the year. It features a classic crew neck and a fabric weight that’s not too thick but not too thin. Just right!

These custom long sleeve jersey t-shirts are available in more than 20 colors, including nine greys which make an amazing base for a white or light-colored design you really want to pop. But they probably also come in your school, non-profit, or wedding colors if you’d rather go with something more bold.

Available for kids, teens, and adults, these long sleeve t-shirts arrive feeling like a well-loved tee right out of the box. The number one adjective used by our customers to describe them is “soft,” but that doesn’t mean they won’t hold up. They’re cotton jersey, ready to take whatever you dish out at them. (Except the hot cycle on your washer and dryer. These are 100% cotton; they will shrink if you do it. It will make you sad.)

Because of the availability for children, they’re ideal when personalized for a large diverse group or an all-ages event. Cross-country family reunion? Fundraiser for autism awareness? All-hands employee picnic? You upload your logo or design, and we’ll send you shirts so everybody is wearing the same shade in the photo. It’s like magic.

Design these long sleeve tees to show off your school spirit. Upload your school’s logo or mascot. They’re available in sizes for students, teachers, and parents. These long sleeve t-shirts also make great undershirts in the winter. Because they’re so lightweight, you can wear them under your favorite button-up shirts and ugly holiday sweaters so you get a second life out of them when it’s too cold outside. Start designing them for your group today to enjoy them all year long.


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