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Customink Bella Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt


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Customink Bella Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt

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The silky smoothness of these Bella + Canvas Tri?Blend T?shirts is super popular with the younger crowd at events. The longer length and narrow sleeves are totally on trend. The thin fabric of these t-shirts hugs the body, giving your group a hip, stylish option for your next event.

These custom tri-blend t-shirts are the ideal shirts for your fraternity or sorority mixer, college party, or high school club. Why do we say that? Well, those of us who are *cough* older have bad memories of the polyester of our youth. But kids today have grown up with a more consistent blend and better fabrication techniques, and they have no qualms about synthetics. It’s time we learned something from the younger crowd.

They’re used to these fancy new tri-blend techniques. This Bella + Canvas Tri?Blend T?shirt, for instance, is a cotton, polyester, rayon blend. That combination allows for a lightweight, almost see-thru fabric, great for summer picnics, music festivals, swim meets, July fireworks, and basically any event outdoors on the hottest of days.
If your group includes kids, teens, and adults, you can cover them all with this single shirt, which comes in over 40 colors. Plus, this t-shirt also coordinates perfectly with all Bella + Canvas Women’s Tri?Blend T?shirts for a unified look across the whole group.

This hip tee is ready to be personalized by you when you upload your design or create something special for your event in our Design Lab. The cotton in this tri-blend is combed for impurities before being spun into fabric, providing an ideal canvas to absorb ink. That means your design lasts through more washings. This is good news because this t-shirt is so comfortable, your recipients may find themselves wearing it every single day.

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