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Customink Bella Canvas Urban Longer Length T-shirt


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Customink Bella Canvas Urban Longer Length T-shirt

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You don’t have to be a famous celebrity to pull off this Bella + Canvas Urban Longer Length T?shirt at your group’s next event. The only requirement of this fresh streetwear trend is that you be tall, or at the very least, keep it fresh.

These Bella + Canvas Urban Longer Length T?shirts are lightweight cotton. These statement-making jersey shirts, available in half a dozen earthtones, have a long body with a rounded drop-tail hem. Combined with the side seams, these look like you picked them up at a high-end NYC boutique.

School parents and coaches – you already know which team we’re going to recommend these for. Boys’ varsity basketball. Upload your school’s name and mascot to make great warmups or custom shirts for just chilling out. Even kids who play intramural or shootaround ball in the neighborhood will appreciate these. Order them for your basketball clinic attendees. They’re as sweet as a good fadeaway jumper. Swish.

Honestly, any tall teen boys out there will appreciate this trendsetting shirt’s cut, whether they’re into sports or chess club. If your group has a preponderance of tall kids, look into getting these.

When personalized with your company logo, these make great uniform shirts for those whose jobs require their shirts to stay tucked at all times. Even your tallest employee won’t inadvertently untuck with these.

And now, for an aftermarket, off-label use suggestion: ladies, these make great casual tunics with leggings. We predict we’re going to see them on all the dance teams and cheerleading squads in no time. And, of course, all the trendiest bachelorette parties. Get yours before all the other girls do!


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