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Customink Champion Heavyweight Heritage T-shirt


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Customink Champion Heavyweight Heritage T-shirt

Product Information

This Champion Heavyweight Heritage T?shirt is based on the original Champion tee you remember from your youth. Get it for your group or team today; it will stand the test of time.

Weighing in at a massive 7 ounces, these Champion Heavyweight Heritage T?shirts are the thickest tees we offer. Available in a handful of colors, they’re substantial and durable, ready to face whatever your event throws at them. They feature extra deep armholes to allow your arms a full range of motion. Because you might be buying these for the Y M C A.
When placing your order, be sure to check the Sizing Line-Up? before you ask everyone for their sizes. And, being 100% cotton, there’s a potential for shrinkage, depending on how particular you are about your laundry.

These tees are made for teams that play hard. If you’re the sort of baseball player who slides into third or the football player who takes the hit for the quarterback, it’s time to upload your school mascot or league team logo and customize these shirts for your players.

Durable and rugged, they’re good workout tees for rugby and hockey teams. And if you’re the sort of person who takes on a Spartan Race or a Tough Mudder, this is your training shirt. It takes it as good as you can give and then some.
Because they last forever, these heavyweight t-shirts make excellent uniforms. They can handle plenty of wear! Upload your company logo and create a dependable look for your staff today.

These are also a great option to give your employees when they perform outreach in the community. No matter where they volunteer, they’ll be showing off your organization’s philanthropy. Rely on these tees for events and fundraisers your organization produces every year. That means you’ll only have to purchase shirts for the newbies. Or get them once for the annual family reunion and top up each year as the kids need bigger sizes. We’re here to make you look good and save you money.


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