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Customink Champion Heavyweight Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie


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Customink Champion Heavyweight Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie

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Time for everybody to meet the Champion Heavyweight Reverse Weave? Pullover Hoodie for your group’s next event. If you’re a certain age, you may wonder what happened to hoodies. They used to be super thick and plush, almost like hotel bedding they were so soft. Now the fabric tends to be thin. We are proud to say that these custom hoodies are old-school. They’re heavy. Thick. Comfortable. Something you could pull on and snuggle into for a long winter’s nap.

You know those sweatshirts that are super-plush on the inside that make you just want to pet them? That’s called “brushed” fleece, and these have it in spades. Which makes it perfect for your poker buddies or your bridge club. Or gardeners. (Okay. We’ll stop.)

Each hoodie features an athletic fit and signature rib side panels for flexibility while you’re wearing them. So even if they make you feel like you want to nap, coaches accept no excuses when they outfit the team in these. You got these so you could work out in cold weather. So you’d better get moving if you know what’s good for you.

Reverse Weave. What’s that? The fabric for this hoodie has been cut on the cross-grain to resist vertical shrinkage, so the length stays true to size, even if you accidentally toss it into the wash on the warm cycle. So it may get slightly narrower, but it resists getting shorter and tends to keep its overall shape better.

Upload your logo or jump in the Design Lab with us and create your Champion hoodie today. It’s the right pick for fall and winter events outdoors, like wine tastings or wedding receptions. Get some branded for Oktoberfest or the holiday craft festival and sell them to people who forgot to bring enough layers. They’ll be grateful and warm. You’ll be happy. Everybody wins.


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