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Customink Champion Tagless Long Sleeve T-shirt


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Customink Champion Tagless Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Add a new layer of versatility to your group’s next event with this Champion Tagless Long Sleeve T?shirt. This essential tee from one of the top athletic brands around will impress.

If the first thing you do when you get a new shirt is cut out the tag, these custom long sleeve t-shirts have already done that step for you. These 100% cotton tees are sturdy, ready to take on whatever your team throws at them. That’s because of their natural fibers. But keep in mind when ordering that those same natural fibers may make them shrink a bit after the first washing, so plan ahead. Because these are going to last a long time.

Available in half a dozen colors, these shirts are super soft because of that cotton fabric. The sleeves have ribbed cuffs that’ll keep long sleeves in place on short arms. And, speaking of sleeves, the left sleeve features the Champion logo.

If you have skin sensitivity or allergy issues, these long sleeve tees are a great option for cycling, running, or working outdoors in the sunshine. With this natural fiber shirt as your sunblock, you can avoid sunscreen on much of your body.

Upload your company logo and give these out to all your employees as a business casual uniform. Employees such as delivery drivers, automotive mechanics, and construction workers who have to go in and out of the cold frequently and probably already have short sleeve uniforms will appreciate the thickness of these undershirts. And everybody else will just appreciate the versatility of a long sleeve tee.


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