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Customink Code Five Camo T-shirt


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Customink Code Five Camo T-shirt

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You’ll definitely be spotted at your next event when you wear this fun Code Five Camo T?shirt. If your group is looking for something different, these tees are just the ticket.

These Code Five Camo T?shirts, made from 100% cotton jersey, are rugged and durable. They’ll take whatever your event can dish out and ask for more. And when you get home, just toss them in the washer (on cold – 100% cotton), and they’ll be ready to go again.

With urban, blue, and pink woodland camouflage patterns, these tees attract all the right kinds of attention. It’s difficult to get something to stand out on camo, so use bold ink colors. You might even want to create your design with a contrasting layer behind it, just to ensure the final product truly pops.

Available for kids, teens, and adults, these shirts are great for hunting and fishing trips. Next time you go to the lake, outfit the whole family in a fun design.

If you have a campground, a local sporting goods store, or a bait shop, customize these for your loyal customers who come in season after season. Create your own apparel line with just a few clicks.

Get these for your paintball team before your next match. And while you’re at it, maybe get some neon shirts for the other team?

For the bride or groom who hunt, use these tees to create unique bachelor party or bachelorette party shirts for a bit of fun before the wedding.

If your event honors our military and veterans, this pattern is a great option for thanking donors or fundraising. As an added bonus, a percentage of all Code Five (also seen as Code V) sales are donated to Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc. and Fisher House so when you decide on this shirt, you’re doing your part.


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