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Customink Comfort Colors Cotton Tank


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Customink Comfort Colors Cotton Tank

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This Comfort Colors 100% Cotton Tank doesn’t have a “breaking-in” period like many thick cotton shirts do. It looks and feels “lived-in” as soon as your group receives it. That’s because of the unique pigment dyeing process that creates muted tones inspired by nature.

Available in just shy of a dozen shades, these Comfort Colors tank tops will stand out at your next event. This isn’t some boring white tank! It’s an understated color that really lets your logo or design make an impact.

These are so comfortable, too! These custom cotton tanks are some of the softest available on the market without sacrificing fabric thickness. And that thickness is 100% cotton, which means they’re extra durable and ready for whatever you’re about to throw at them.

Speaking of which, these are great for your summer softball team or kickball league. Mandatory summer practices for all sorts of team sports are a little easier in sleeveless comfort, right? Drop and give me 20! Wait. Where are you off to now? Oh! You’re a runner, too. Did we mention these are great for that, as well?

Probably where these shine the brightest, though, is at outdoor events on the hottest days of summer. Give all your employees a personalized tank top along with their hot dog at the company picnic. Upload the logo for your music festival on these tanks made with eco-friendly dyes. Send these to your family members and let everyone wear them to the family reunion this year, next year, and the next.

Own a little boutique? The subtle fashionable colors are a great fit for advertising your business. Good, too, for a yoga, barre, or a Pilates studio. Let your members show off those biceps and triceps they’ve worked so hard to earn! And if you don’t have a logo ready, we can help you. Jump into the Design Lab to start creating and unleash your imagination.


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