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Customink Comfort Colors Hooded Long Sleeve T-shirt


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Customink Comfort Colors Hooded Long Sleeve T-shirt

Product Information

This Comfort Colors Hooded Long Sleeve T?shirt is a soft and warm layering piece for chilly weather. Elevate your group at your next event with this hoodie in subtle vintage colors.

Made from 100% ringspun cotton, these Comfort Colors Hooded Long Sleeve T?shirts come in at 6.1 ounces, making them thick for a tee. These are made from extremely cozy fabric. On-trend, they have an unlined lightweight hood that won’t pull at your neck.

They’re longer than most shirts, too, both in the arms and the body length. They’ll keep your midriff covered when you reach, and they’re long enough to look great with leggings or skinny jeans.

Sure, they look good and they’re comfortable but you choose these custom hooded sweatshirts for the colors. They’re available in muted colors, and the pigment dye process creates a fabulous vintage look you won’t find anywhere else.

Because of the fun color options, these make surprisingly incredible spirit wear. For groups like cheerleaders and pep squads, it’ll be a relief to have something in your closet that isn’t the same shade as everything else. Upload your school mascot or league team logo to create unique custom fan gear today.

These hooded tees can be turned into fun shirts for the holidays. Create a festive design and get them for your family and friends. Even those in warm weather climates will be able to manage this shirt in the winter, and those in colder climates can easily make these work with layers.

Although these excel in the fall and spring, they also work on cool summer nights. They’re perfect for the beach in the summer after the sun goes down, the fire pit with some wine and a guitar, or the desert in the cool of the night gazing up at the stars.


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