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Customink Fleece Travel Blanket


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Customink Fleece Travel Blanket

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This Fleece Travel Blanket wraps up into an attached bag so it’s easy to carry to your next event. Folded, this throw can also serve as a pillow, lumbar support, or a seat cushion for your group members, depending on what they need at the time.

Made from 100% polyester, these Fleece Travel Blankets are a clever solution to lots of problems. With an integral handle and bag, they make it easy to bring a throw with you. And at 51″ x 63″, they’re slightly larger than a standard throw. Big enough to bundle one person shoulder to toe or cover two (maybe even three) seated people’s laps.

When they’re folded inside their polyester carry sack, these blankets measure 14″ x 10″ x 2″, just right to serve as padding for your seat or your back. That makes them great to take with you to the game, the concert, the park, or a parade. They also have a convenient pocket in front that’s great for something small – maybe your phone or a water bottle. And since they’re polyester, they have the added bonus of being naturally mildew-resistant and quick drying.

Available in a handful of colors, these are a great promo item for high schools and league teams. Upload your mascot or logo and these will make perfect bleacher seats for warm soccer or baseball games or stadium blankets for cold nights of fall football. Sell them as spirit gear to fundraise for next year’s uniforms or give them to your most generous boosters for a donation of a certain level.

As an employee appreciation giveaway, these fleece throws are a great addition to your annual company picnic. Adorned with your business logo, these blankets can be used immediately by families to sit more comfortably on the grass or cover a picnic table. They’re great for the “play hard” part of the “work hard / play hard” ethos.


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