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Customink Gildan Hooded Long Sleeve T-shirt


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Customink Gildan Hooded Long Sleeve T-shirt

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These Gildan Hooded Long Sleeve T?shirt are great for when your group wants a little warmth but doesn’t need the weight of a hoodie at an event. They work in all climates and seasons and give you a trendy layering option that’s never bulky.

Weighing in at just 4.5 ounces, this shirt is barely noticeable to the wearer. These hoodies make the perfect base layer for a wide variety of situations, such as early morning team practice on days when the weather is trying to decide if it wants to rain.

Available in just shy of ten different color options, these custom hooded long sleeve shirts are available for kids, teens, and adults. Get everybody matching tees to wear on the family vacation (and then enjoy afterwards along with the memories). They’re great for exploring Hawaii or hiking the national parks because they’ll help keep you from getting all scratched up by nature, which can be messy. And if you head out early in the morning, they’ll keep you warm until the sun kicks in and does its thing.

Create a unique design around a fun quote from your whole crew and give these as gifts to let them know how much you appreciate their friendship. They’re perfect for the beach in the summer after the sun goes down, the firepit with some wine and a guitar, or the desert in the cool of the night gazing up at the stars.

Remember: these are t-shirts, so they don’t add a lot of warmth. That makes them an optimal protector for your skin, a physical barrier from the sun that you can use when you’re gardening outside or hanging out on your boat. Get your marina’s logo on them and sell them in the clubhouse or have them personalized with your favorite flower and sell them as a fundraiser for the gardening club. They’ll appreciate your ingenuity, but they’ll appreciate not being sunburned!


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