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Customink Hanes Authentic Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt


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Customink Hanes Authentic Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Focus on comfort at your next group event with this Hanes Authentic Crewneck Short Sleeve T?shirt. Formerly the tagless t-shirt, this Hanes is a true original. With a tear away label for added comfort and rebranding, we (and our necks) are truly grateful. These custom tear away tag tees are sturdy and durable. They’re a great basic tee, but you already know that because you probably already have some of these in your closet.

Available for kids, teens, and adults, these shirts are perfect when personalized for large and diverse groups. If you want to take a group picture at your event, this is the shirt to do it in because everybody will match. It’s like magic.

These tees are heavy duty, which makes them great for people involved in hobbies where the shirts might see some wear and tear, like hiking groups and gardening clubs. And that also makes them work for teens, who are pretty much always rough on their clothing. (Where did that hole come from?) Create something special for the members of the math team or for the students going to the science competition. Or make funny shirts as birthday party favors that are sure to be a hit.

Upload your company logo. These are a tried-and-true promo item at trade shows. Make shirts for your wine tasting or book club. Or design something special for the family reunion so nobody ever forgets the time you spent together.

With just shy of 50 colors, these shirts are a perfect choice for your class reunion. We’re going to guess the person reading this right now was the winner of the Most Organized superlative. Congrats to you! Now get everybody’s sizes, and let’s start that order.


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