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Customink Hanes EcoSmart Crewneck T-shirt


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Customink Hanes EcoSmart Crewneck T-shirt

Product Information

The Hanes EcoSmart? 50/50 Crewneck T?shirt is an excellent choice for easy group ordering for your event. Fun fact: Hanes uses EcoSmart fabric which is made with recycled plastic water bottles so you can feel even better about your purchase.

These custom Hanes t-shirts are a great option if this is your first time ordering the shirts for your group. See, everybody has opinions but nobody wants to do the work. And they’ll be all, “You should buy this” or “I like shirts that fit this way” and if you pay attention to everyone you’ll basically be a personal shopper.

Go with these Hanes t-shirts. They’re available for kids, teens, and adults in over 30 colors. They’re a midweight option, not too heavy like old-school tees and not too thin like modern tees. They also have tear away labels for added comfort. And they’re made by a known quantity – Hanes. Everybody likes Hanes for quality, durability, and value. And it’s hard to argue with that.

This shirt is a solid pick too, even if this isn’t your first event-ordering rodeo. For all the reasons above, they’re a great option when customized, but you also know they’re affordable and within your budget. They’re a safe bet. Something everyone will enjoy.

So get to it! Upload your company logo and get these for the all-hands meeting or the summer picnic at the home office. Customize these for your group running a 5K together or working a fundraising event. Give these away from your trade show booth to suggest that your service is dependable like these Hanes tees. Get them for your high school club or team. Start personalizing these today.


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