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Customink Hanes Tall Beefy-T Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt


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Customink Hanes Tall Beefy-T Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt

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When your group is looking for a durable shirt that will last through your next event and beyond, this Hanes Tall Beefy?T literally fits the bill in both budget and size.

Made from 100% ringspun cotton, these Hanes Tall Beefy?Ts are durable, just like their standard measurement counterparts. These heavy-duty tees are fashioned from a dense cotton weave, making them thick and rugged, able to withstand whatever your group throws their way.

The only difference between the standard Hanes Beefy-T and these is a bit of extra fabric. Specifically, there’s an inch of fabric added to the arms and three inches added to the body. And if you’re tall, you know that three inches can make a world of difference.

These are excellent for sports where the players run tall: basketball, lacrosse, crew, and swim team. Upload your school mascot or team logo to customize these for the players. But you don’t have to restrict your order to just tall shirts. If you’re not familiar with how we work here at Custom Ink, you can combine your order of standard Hanes Beefy-Ts with an order of these tall shirts to cover everyone in your group. And, since the standard version comes in sizes for kids, teens, and adults, you will have everyone literally covered.

If this is your first time being tasked with ordering customized shirts for your group, the Hanes Beefy?T brand is a great option. You have the brand name behind your decision. And if this isn’t your first rodeo, you’re probably picking this shirt because you’re familiar with its reliability and consistency. (Note: Shirt is also good merch for stock shows and rodeos.)

Show the taller members of your family that you understand genetics by accommodating them with their own shirts at the annual family reunion. Because they probably got that height from another family member, also in attendance, also appreciating that you explicitly thought of them.


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