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Customink Independent Trading Lightweight Pullover Hoodie


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Customink Independent Trading Lightweight Pullover Hoodie

Product Information

It’s easy to love this comfortable Independent Trading Lightweight Pullover Hoodie. With fashion?forward colors and super?soft fabric, this hooded sweatshirt is a great choice for groups planning fall or spring events.

These Independent Trading Lightweight Pullover Hoodies are just slightly heavier than a thick t-shirt. That makes them great layering options for almost all seasons. Made from a cotton-heavy blend of cotton and polyester, these are exceptionally soft and comfy.

There’s a jersey liner in the hood to give it a bit more body and keep it from flying away. And this hoodie has a ribbed waist and cuffs to keep out the chill.

The lightweight nature of the fabric makes this an exceptionally versatile pullover. You could wear it in the summer when you’re watching movies in the theater or fixing something in the server closet at work. It’s a perfect layer for family events held in the spring and fall, such as visiting the pumpkin patch, Easter egg hunts, trunk-or-treat, and more.

If you have a 5K run or a cycling race scheduled during potentially chilly weather, your participants will love this hoodie. It’s perfect for the start line, keeping your runners warm before their bodies get moving. And it’s great to put on after a chilly swim to warm your core right back up.

When you add your company logo to these hooded sweatshirts, they make an excellent employee recognition or holiday gift. Not only will they keep your employees warm when they’re commuting to and from the office, but they’ll also keep them warm in the office if there’s ever a thermostat dispute.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, these hoodies customized with a sweet phrase can take the chill off to ensure your guests have a warm and bubbly evening.


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