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Customink J America Acid Wash Pullover Hoodie


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Customink J America Acid Wash Pullover Hoodie

Product Information

Upgrade your traditional hoodie look with this J. America Acid Washed Pullover Hoodie. You won’t believe how soft this hoodie is until you feel it.

Available in a handful of muted tones, these custom pullover hoodies are incredibly comfy. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, they’re just 7 ounces, which is lightweight for a hoodie. That gives them a flattering drape on your body.

Their fashion-forward vintage look is achieved with acid wash burnout and raw-edge seams. The silicone finish gives them an extra soft feel on the outside, as well as the inside. Both the body and the arms on these are long, perfect with leggings, because we figure you’re going to want to curl up in these.

Not that you have to lounge in them. Upload the school mascot or league team logo and make them the warmup shirt for your volleyball team. With raglan sleeves, these allow arm movement. They’re great for pregame dance team and cheer squad stretches. And they make wonderfully cozy spirit shirts for fall football games, hockey games, and spring training baseball fans.

If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday with friends or family, create a customized graphic to commemorate the event in our Design Lab. These hooded sweatshirts are perfect for the beach in the summer after the sun goes down, the firepit with some wine and a guitar, or the desert in the cool of the night gazing up at the stars.

Upload your company logo and give these to all the employees at the holidays or the anniversary of your business’s founding. Because they’re so touchably soft, they’re a hot item in boutiques, where the customers can feel the merchandise. If you personalize these for your coffee shop or indie bookstore, make sure they hang so the customers can touch them as they walk by. That makes the sale.


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