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Customink Next Level Jersey Blend T-shirt


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Customink Next Level Jersey Blend T-shirt

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We feel like we have to warn you: if you choose these Next Level 60/40 T?shirts for your design, you may never be able to go back. That’s not just sales speak! Every time you order, your group is going to demand to have this custom t-shirt again for the next event. It’s just that comfortable, and, fortunately for you, it’s an affordable option.

What is it about the Next Level 60/40 T?shirt that makes it a customer favorite? First off, it’s soft. It’s 60% combed ringspun cotton with 40% polyester. That gets top billing because comfort is so important. But what sets it apart from other tees is the modern, fashion-forward style. It’s long, hitting at your hips instead of your waist. The body is snug, with a tapered waist. And the sleeves hug the arms without a lot of extra bulky fabric.

It’s a favorite for gyms looking to create promotional items for their customers. And it’s a favorite for wearing during workouts, too (fans mention that it subtly shows off your biceps without inviting everybody to the gun show). In other words, the style lets you show off your body without being a showoff, if you know what we mean.
But you don’t have to be the next Serena Williams or The Rock to enjoy wearing this Next Level t-shirt. There’s a slightly heathered look to all the colors, so anybody would think you’ve had it in your closet for a while. And it has a tear-away label.

Once you’ve customized this with your logo or a design you create with our help in the Design Lab, your event attendees are going to be blown away. You’ll be the family favorite at the reunion or named the equipment manager for your neighborhood team. We should warn you that if you’re organizing a conference or an all-hands meeting, you’re going to be stuck ordering the shirts from here on out, because everybody’s going to want more of this wardrobe staple.


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