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Customink Nike Cotton T-shirt


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Customink Nike Cotton T-shirt

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This Nike 100% Cotton T?shirt is perfect for the group that wants a familiar name brand standing behind their apparel at the next big event. You don’t have to be an athlete to reach for these custom t-shirts, but that little extra just might inspire your team to victory in the office or on the field. (Victory, because Nike is the goddess of victory!)

This t-shirt isn’t made for sitting still. Well, you can sit still in it. But we don’t advise it. It comes in a midweight, ringspun cotton which is soft by definition for the ultimate in comfort that moves with you. And it has a heat transfer label so there will be no annoying tag scratching at the back of your neck every time you move.

You know how when clothes look good it makes the person wearing them feel even better? What we’re saying is that this is basically the perfect scenario to make your group look incredible and like a force to be reckoned with. Did we mention there’s a matching women’s style, the Nike Women’s 100% Cotton T?shirt? Well, now we did. Of course, we’re here to help you with your design to make everybody really pop.

We almost forgot the Swoosh! The Swoosh design trademark is on the left sleeve of each of these, so you can show off the branding every time you flex or hand somebody a brochure. Because we can’t all be Olympians.

Once you personalize this shirt, won’t it be the perfect combination for victory? So basically if you’re wondering if you should design a Nike shirt for your next event, all we can say is *clears throat* – just do it.


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