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Customink Port Company Essential T-shirt


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Customink Port Company Essential T-shirt

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This Port & Company 100% Cotton T?shirt has everything going for it. It’s made from durable 6.1 ounce cotton. It comes in over 50 colors. And it has YOU looking at it right now, thinking about whether or not it’d be perfect for your group’s next event. (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)

With Port & Company shirts, it’s easy to see why it’s a smart pickup. It’s 100% cotton (in most colors) like a shirt that’s an old friend, but it also has a little extra length tacked on for a more fashion-forward look. No one is a fan of reaching for something and accidentally having their midriff exposed. This is probably our favorite detail of these custom t?shirts. Length is better!

And if you need even more length on top of all that, we also carry a Tall option for this style. Upload your logo or let us help you create a unique design from scratch in our Design Lab to start creating your masterpiece today. Whether you need half a dozen for your closest friends or hundreds for a conference or the whole company, we can make that happen. The difficult part isn’t going to be coming up with a design – it’s going to be picking the color that expresses your wedding, reunion, or gathering the best from over 50 options. Orange Sherbert for a family or neighborhood picnic? Athletic Maroon for your sports team? Candy pink for the whole bachelorette party? Check, check and check.

These Port & Company cotton shirts are the ultimate tees to outfit your entire group. There are coordinating styles available for kids and teens, plus a cut specifically for ladies and one for tall people, because we know not everyone’s built the same.


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