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Customink Port Company Ringer T-shirt


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Customink Port Company Ringer T-shirt

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This Port & Company Ringer T?shirt is a soft and stylish classic at a value price that’s within your group’s budget. Put your design on this fun throwback style for your next event.

Everything old is new again with these Port & Company Ringer T?shirts. This retro look with contrasting collar and cuffs is trending right now. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt is soft enough to feel like it’s from the first time these were popular, but you know better.

Available in more than half a dozen color combinations, this shirt just might come in your school colors. With the school mascot or crest, you could turn this into spirit wear that all the kids will love. Sell it in the bookstore as a fundraiser for whatever program is in need.

These tees can serve as casual uniforms for your coed rec league softball or kickball team. Just print your team name on the front with a big sporty swash.

They work well for scouting events or summer camp t-shirts. Create a retro design with the troop number or the camp logo, and hand these out to all the leaders and counselors. They’ll get a kick out of them, and it will also give the kids an easy way to identify who’s in charge.

If your company or organization has a vintage logo from the ’70s or ’80s hanging out in the archives, dig it out and print it on this shirt. If you’re a well-known entity, you can put these in the store so employees or members can purchase them as gifts for family and friends.

Create a fun photo opportunity at your wedding with these tees. Put the year on the back, and create a fun team name for the bride and groom for the front. Then gift these to your bridal party. Ask them to wear them to the rehearsal dinner to capture a moment sure to be Instagram-worthy.


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