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Customink Port Company Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie


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Customink Port Company Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie

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Groovy tie dye is making a strong comeback. It’s even showing up on the runway at Fashion Week! Jump on this Port & Company Tie?Dye Pullover Hoodie while it’s still up-trending so you can say you were in the know. We can help make your group’s event Instagram famous.

When we say “tie dye,” a lot of us think of the ’70s and flower power, the Grateful Dead, and craft days at summer camp. And while the tie dye aesthetic is throwback, it’s also fashion-forward and very now. Available in more than half a dozen color combinations, these custom tie dye hoodies can take your group or your event both back and forward at the same time. It’s basically time travel conveniently available in a garment.

In sizes for kids, teens, and adults, creative tie dye hoodie designs are ideal party favors to celebrate your 50th class reunion, anniversary, or birthday. The “water” look makes them great for crew and swim meets. Upload your logo to create boho chic hoodies for your boutique, coffee shop, or vinyl record store. They’re a solid option for school teams and dance squads looking to express that they’re different from all the rest.

These tie-dye pullover hoodie sweatshirts are dyed by hand. Yes, you can achieve something similar yourself if you buy hoodies, rubber bands, buckets, and a bunch of dye, but we can’t help you out when your friends ask on Monday why your fingers are purple.

Because they’re authentically hand-dyed, these hoodies are each unique, just like the members of your group. There will be, as Bob Ross would say, little happy surprises splashed across each garment. And this comfy, groovy hoodie may help you get to your happy place that much faster.


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