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Customink Premium Soft Blend Sweatshirt Blanket


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Customink Premium Soft Blend Sweatshirt Blanket

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Your whole group may fit under this Premium Soft Blend Sweatshirt Blanket at your next event! Okay. We exaggerate. But this seriously oversized stadium blanket is a necessity for staying warm and cozy outside in chilly weather.

At 62″ x 78″, these Premium Soft Blend Sweatshirt Blankets tout basically the same measurements as a queen bed. The fabric is 6.2 ounces thick, similar to a lightweight hoodie, and it’s made from 52% ringspun cotton combined with 48% polyester. The polyester makes it moisture-wicking and stain resistant. The cotton makes it ultra soft and durable.

If you have an annual company picnic coming up, upload your logo to customize these for your employees and their families. They can spread them out on the grass to stake out their territory or drape them across picnic tables like a tablecloth. Or get them for your annual family reunion BBQ. Duck into our Design Lab to print something sweet on these and then hand them out to all the relatives as they arrive.

Available in more than half a dozen colors (including buffalo plaid and camo), these are ideal for spectators at sporting events, whether that’s parents watching the all-day soccer tournament from the sidelines or fans in the football stadium. If it’s not cold enough to need it as a throw, fold it and put it under you to make sitting on bleachers more bearable. You can provide cushioning for three of your neighbors, too.

The throw includes a natural-colored drawcord with antique finish metal tips that’s perfect for adding a sweet tag if these are going to be wedding favors for an evening outdoor reception that could get chilly. Also, this blanket comes in colors like pomegranate and sea green, which might be your wedding colors already.


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